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You Can Use Blogs to
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Easily, Quickly and for Next to No Money

From the Desk of: Sherrin Ross Ingram
Date: December 5th, 2016

Dear Ambitious Business Owner,

Pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar, a strategically optimized WordPress blog is the best online marketing tool available for attracting highly targeted customers. Period. That’s why learning how to use a blog in this way can be real game changer!

Why? Because it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is… It doesn’t matter how great your online content it… None of that matters if your target market doesn’t know about you WHEN THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION. A WordPress blog that’s done right exponentially increases your chances of getting found WHEN THEY ARE LOOKING.

Next to having your web site referred to by a trusted source, being found organically through search engines is the most trusted way to be found. Yeah, I know… you can buy an ad and hope to get seen that way. But if your target market is like most people…

Many have trained themselves to ignore (literally overlook) internet ads. Haven’t you? For the ads they do see and actually click on, they approach them with skepticism. This is NOT the ideal way to begin a relationship that you hope will lead to action on your offer!

Let me back up for a minute and tell you how I came to understand all of this.


First let me say, I am not “techy” by nature. I am an attorney and a strategic planning expert. My company helps clients develop actionable strategies to achieve specific results. I am blessed to speak at business meetings and conferences all over the world about strategy development, business growth planning and leadership development. In other words, I am a real entrepreneur and discussing the specifics of how to use a blog is not my core business.

I did not grow up on computers. I was a sophomore in college when I first touched a computer, and a senior about to graduate when I was finally able to purchase my first computer (on credit). Even then, I wasn’t interested in computers. I only bought one because I was working two part time jobs while attending college full time and could never get to my college’s computer lab while it was open.

I never had a desire to learn how to use a blog or learn about web site development, optimization or anything else related to internet marketing. As an attorney with a large law firm, everything technology wise was done for me. When I decided to start my own business, I recognized that having an internet presence was going to be important for my business. But even then, I resisted learning about how to really use the internet to get business. Given my life now, it’s hard to believe (and admit) that I ever felt that way!

So, like countless others, I hired “professionals” to design and maintain my web site. The end result was acceptable at the time, but I always hated having to give changes to someone and then wait for the changes to be made. And, even with all of the money I was spending to do this, I never ranked high on any search engine for the keywords that my target market was using in their searches. The result: my web site was pretty, but it did NOT attract new customers. ALL MY WEB SITE DID BACK THEN WAS HELP POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS WHO WERE ALREADY INTERESTED IN ME LEARN MORE ABOUT ME. In other words, my web site back then was merely a pretty brochure and a place for me to send prospects I already knew about.


Now, buyers find me!


After constantly hearing about how many of my peers were using the internet to attract new business and other opportunities, I decided that enough was enough. I was no longer going to sit on the sidelines and cut myself off from a stream of revenue and opportunities that so many were already enjoying. You see, I had been saying to myself for years that I wanted to make my life and business easier… to work smarter and not harder. And yet, I had been for years overlooking something that could help me do just that… something that was right in front of my face and at my finger tips.

One thing you should know about me is that, as an attorney and a strategic planning expert, I am an aggressive A-type personality. That means when I decide to do something, I GO ALL IN! Actually, I usually go overboard. And, this experience was no different. I decided that I was going to learn how to use a blog to attract targeted customers and maximize my exposure for other opportunities on the internet. I decided that I was going to make my life and business easier by learning how to fully leverage technology so that those who wanted the solutions I offered could easily FIND ME. I decided that I was going to be a testimonial for how anyone, regardless of their technological knowledge and regardless of the type of business they’re in, can use the internet to grow their business.

To sum it up, I decided that I was really going to do all that I could to have the life I dreamed of when I started my business.

So, I fired the “professionals” and dived in. I spent countless hours studying everything I could find on how to use a blog, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and the principles of web design. Then I learned about WordPress blogs and the magic happened! I was able to bring all of what I had learned together. The results have been spectacular for me! Now, I have excellent search engine rankings for the search terms I believe are most important for my business.

For example, for over a year now and last time I checked, I was still on page one of Google for my core keyword term “Strategic Planning Speaker.” And, I anticipate that my position on page one will continue to improve over time.

how to use a blog

Here’s another example:

how to use a blog

And… I am on page one for many other targeted search terms as well!

Words can’t express what it has done for my business to have high search engine rankings for multiple search terms! These sites truly work for me while I sleep. I can’t imagine what comparable advertising that is as effective would cost me every month!

Search engine results are very dynamic and rankings constantly change. So, I’m not sure where my sites will rank in the future. But for now, most of my sites make it to page one on search engines. Some are on page two and a few on page three. And a remaining few haven’t made it up there… yet.

Incidentally, many will tell you that if you are not in the top three positions on page one, then you are not a “player” in the game. I know for certain that that is not true for all businesses. I can tell you for my businesses… and maybe yours too, my target market looks at the search engine results on pages two and some even look on page three also. Not only do my site’s analytic reports confirm this, but I also know this for certain because I get new business from sites that are on pages two or three. These are all sites that I DO NOT PROMOTE IN ANY OTHER WAY!

So, what did it cost me to get Page 1 on Google?

The cost for these spectacular results included:
– the cost of the domain ($10.00)
– the cost to add the domain to my existing hosting account ($0.00 — You can get a hosting account for $5 or $6 bucks a month)
– the cost of the WordPress software ($0.00)
– and the few hours it took me to apply my tested and proven system for optimally setting up a WordPress blog on my site (PRICELESS!).

Now, I am willing to share my system with you and show you exactly how I use WordPress blogs to attract targeted customers. Why am I willing to share my system?

Honestly, making my system available in this way frees me to focus on my core business. I was spending too much time talking about how to attract customers using blogs. My results from using this proven system started attracting attention. There were those who began noticing that I’m “all over the place.” And, while attending trade meetings or other professional gatherings, I am always asked about what I’m doing to market myself so effectively. It seemed that when ever I mentioned that I was effectively using blogs in an unconventional way, phone calls, lunch requests and consulting offers poured in.

Although I’m flattered by these lucrative offers [a half an hour Laser Strategy Session with me costs $500] and am passionate about helping ambitious people grow their businesses, I have no interest in being a full- or part-time SEO or WordPress consultant. And besides, I could think of no fair way to say yes to some offers and no to others.

An so, in an attempt to serve all those interested, I began holding sold-out 1-day boot camps for $997.00. Those went great, but will all that it takes to put on a live event, I again found that I was spending too much time thinking about SEO and WordPress.

Making my system available in this way allows me share the complete, nitty-gritty details of what I know with everyone at an affordable price while allowing me to respect a decision I made a long time ago to dedicate myself only to work that I am passionate about. All of this is why you can now conveniently and affordably…

Discover the Easiest Training System
on the Planet for
Attracting Targeted Customers and Maximizing Exposure
Using WordPress Blogs

how to use blogs

My goal for you is to be able to get your site working for you as fast and as easy as possible. So, I’ve painstakingly dissected my system to give you all the instructions you need to know, and not bore or waste your time with nice to know information. I’ve prepared a series of videos that show you step-by-step, from start to finish, exactly how to a set up a WordPress blog that can attract targeted customers and maximize exposure for your business.

There are 12 core modules with this solid, hands on training system that are conveniently located online in an exclusive members only area. So, you have easy access from anywhere you have an internet connection. Here’s a break down of the 12 core modules:


The Overview


Optimizing Settings

You get a complete overview of the system so that you can plan your approach to watching all of the videos, going through all of the resources and implementing what you have learned. There are over 17 areas in a WordPress blog that should be optimized. In this video, I begin the process of showing you exactly how to optimize those areas.


Keyword Selection


Installing Plugins

Knowing the language your market is ACTUALLY using to look for solutions you offer is fundamental and absolutely critical to your online success. In this video, I show you how I select keyword phrases to target. There are some plugins that I feel you MUST have to enhance your chances of achieving a top search engine ranking. In this video, I discuss the pros and cons of several must-have plugins.


Purchasing a Domain


Optimizing Posts

Selecting a domain is not as simple as you may think. Strategically selecting the right domain name and extension can enhance your search engine positioning. In this video, I take you through my selection process and tell you which services I recommend. In the video, I continue the optimization process that was started in Module #7, this time focusing on the posts and the navigation bars.


Installing WordPress


Optimizing Widgets

In this video, I go through the steps for installing WordPress on a new or existing domain. Widgets can be used to enhance optimization results. In this video, I show you exactly how I use widgets to bolster my optimization efforts.


Preliminary Matters


Updating Your Blog

In this video, I showcase what I do BEFORE I set up a new blog. These “preliminary matters” speed up the set up process and help me think through the purpose of the blog. Strategically updating your blog is an important part of the optimization process. This video details what I do and provides additional suggestions for maintaining your blog.


Selecting a Theme


Final Matters

After having done dozens of blogs (I’m up to over 50!), I’ve noticed which themes I’ve used that reached top search engine positions and ones that did not. In this video, I share the pros and cons of several themes that have worked well for me. This video shows you how I put the finishing touching, as well as provide additional suggestions for enhancing your optimization efforts.

I have invested hundreds of hours and THOUSANDS of dollars in learning how to strategically use WordPress blogs to attract targeted customers, and many have invested the $997 to attend my boot-camps (or they paid more for one-on-one consulting). But you don’t have to spend anything close to that amount of time and money… if you invest in my system. You’ll get all of the information I described above, plus some really cool bonuses described below. You’ll get all of this for:
how to use blogs

Only $297.00

For just $297, you can have a web site that truly works for you while you sleep! Once you learn this system, you can duplicate your efforts over and over again to leverage the benefits of as many keywords phrases as you like. More to the point, $297 is nothing compared to what you’d spend on continuously placing highly targeted ads month after month to achieve the same results. I know… because I’ve spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of ads, both online and in trade publications, to reach my target markets. None of those paid ads were as effective as the 100% FREE results I now get from my blogs. Let’s see… Paid v. Free. In this case, that’s a no-brainer to me!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying don’t do ads. Ads may have a place in a comprehensive and highly targeted marketing strategy. But why not cover all your basis and put an effective and legitimate [there’s nothing in it that would get your site penalized by Google] web site strategy to work for you as well… RIGHT NOW? This is truly one way to work smarter and not harder.

Equally important, $297 is nothing close to what you’d spend to have me show you face-to-face the same information that is in the videos.

Whether you have a product or service to sell or you just want to build your email list or you want to build awareness about an issue or cause, the system is the answer.

I’ve used this system for each of my businesses AND TO PROMOTE CAUSES I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT! For example, I created an organization called The Foundation for Real Nutrition and Sustainable Living. After witnessing the positive impact that a diet of nutrient dense food had on my son’s recovery from autism, I was compelled to create the organization. However, given my insanely demanding schedule, I had no time to promote the organization. My “Attracting Targeted Customers” system was the answer!

how to use a blog

Using my system, my organization’s web site has and continues to achieve high search engine rankings. This (and now also word of mouth because we have so many members) brings new members to the group every week.

If there is a cause that you’re passionate, this training system could be the answer to reach your target market.



To make the decision to invest even easier for you, I’m offering some really cool and incredibly useful bonuses that will help you drive even more traffic to your site.


Bonus #1: The Top 10 Strategies for Driving Massive Traffic to Your Site
In this special report, I am going to provide you with some powerful and simple ways you can generate massive amounts of traffic to your site. Many of these techniques don’t require as much as you think you would in order to make them happen.(Value: $47)




Bonus #2: The Top 10 Things You Must Do to Write Blog Posts that ATTRACT and CONVERT Targeted Web Site Traffic
If you will be using your site like a traditional blog with regular posts, then you definitely want this report. These simple tips provide SEO and direct content suggestions for writing compelling blog to attract and KEEP readers.(Value: $47)



Bonus #3: A QR Code Generator
QR code, which is a barcode used by smart phones, is a popular tool being used for a multitude of purposes, including driving traffic to web site. For example, often people are in a rush and don’t take information off of a print ad. If you place a QR code with a link to your Facebook page that anyone with a smart phone can scan and then like your page! With the QuickQR Software, you can create black & white and color QR codes for all your social media links, web site address, Email address, Youtube link, SMS number, Telephone/mobile numbers, Contact Information (ME card format), Geographic locations, WIFI configuration codes (for Android). Some QR Code Generator can cost 39.99 or more. But this software is FREE to you for investing in this blogging system.

Bonus #4: One of the Best Systems for Correctly Using Facebook Pages
Facebook pages are another great strategy for driving traffic to your web site. Even though this system still uses the previous terminology and platform (i.e., Facebook no longer calls them Fanpages,), the principles, strategies and tools are still very relevant. I think FanPage Dollars is one of the best training systems available for finding the best niches, creating pages for your products, and making money with them. You’ll get the FanPage Dollars 3 manual and the FanPage Dollars 2 manual and videos for those of you who want or need to start with the very basics of Facebook. Tf you had paid for these versions, you could have spent well over $50.00 depending on when you bought it. But now you don’t have to spend anything for it!

Bonus #5: Lifetime access to the member’s only section of this training system’s web site.
This web site contains a host of resources that I don’t mention here. That’s because this is where I add new information and resources as I learn about them. What this means for you is that you get access to any updates to the system and new information and resources from me and selected partners without paying additional fees like some membership sites! (Value: PRICELESS!)


I believe the true value of these bonuses far exceeds what I’m charging for my blogging system! And they are yours for FREE when you invest in yourself and your business now.



As I said earlier, search engine results are very dynamic and rankings constantly change. So, I can’t guarantee that you will reach or stay at a top position on any search engine. No one can guarantee that, and you should be skeptical of any one who makes such a guarantee to you. What I can guarantee from my own experience is that my system substantially enhances your chances of getting to a top position.

AND… with my 100% Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try! If you feel for any reason that you have not received great value for your investment, just send me an email requesting a refund within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll promptly give you all of your money back. It’s that simple.

effective guarantee

So, get off of the sidelines and really start working smarter and not harder. Learn how to use a blog strategically. Order now.

Profitably yours,